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Welcome to Precise Seating

We are committed to providing the most accurate information possible for fans attending Fenway Park. We are frequently updating our site in order to fine tune our views and information. Our goal is to be known for the precision in which seat distances, obstructions, and other characteristics are represented. There is no other site that provides this level of detail. It’s the best Fenway Park seating chart available.

Seating Charts Contain: Precise 2D maps, 3D views from every seat, exact location of your seat, seat distance to home plate and the field, pole and wall obstructions, difficult viewing angles, walkway advisory info, home plate and pitchers mound obstructions, infield obstructions, large obstructed areas, home run distances, backstop netting and screens, obstruction percentages, closest entrance, seat sheltered from rain, seating section zoomed with location of your seat, and seat pictures.

There are over 1000 actual photos included, most of which are in the Grandstand (1st seat in every row).

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