A. The pictures provided by the Red Sox are helpful but do not provide an accurate view from every seat in the stadium. They are often taken from the best viewpoint in every section and, as such, avoid any problems.

This site provides a very accurate view from each seat and, as such, shows precise information. Obstructed areas are displayed on a 2D map along with a pointer to your exact location in the stadium, distance to the field, distance to home plate, a simple 3D view from the seat, walkway traffic warnings, and difficult view warnings. Obstructions include poles, metal screens, walls, and netting.

A. No, but there are currently over 36,000 seats represented. The EMC Club and private seating are not represented.
A. We have worked diligently to provide a very accurate view from each seat. Poles and other obstructions will be represented on the overview map within a few feet of its actual location. When you see an obstruction displayed on the field that blocks home plate, the pitcher’s mound, or other features, you can expect that it will be very close to the actual view. Try printing the page from the printer view and compare it when you go to the stadium. We appreciate hearing back from you.
A. The red area on the field represents the obstructed area of the field. These are solid obstructions such as poles and walls. Netting and screens are colored differently because you can see through them. They are placed on the map so that you are aware of their location but not considered an obstruction.

A. The 3D views are very simple but very accurate with regards to the location in the stadium and poles. Netting and screens have not yet been added to these views. They are mainly provided to give a perspective from each seat. The 2D overview map contains a more complete representation of the view.

A. The Red Sox and other ticket sellers will attempt to guide you to the right section by including the Grandstand section that is directly above it. For the above example, it means that Right Field Box 4 is directly below Grandstand section 7. The B stands for Box (Right Field Box, Field Box or Loge Box). We think this is more confusing and would prefer that they would simply state, Right Field Box 4 without the Grandstand section.

A. The oversized seats are represented in a few places. Right Field Box 92 row DD and Right Field Box 93 row DD are a couple examples. Also, all of the wheelchair seating slots can be sold to non-handicap folks and these are very spacious. We believe that they give preference to folks in wheelchairs but they very often will sell these seats to the everyday fan. They will provide a metal folding chair for the slot. The General information page for a list of wheelchair seating slots.
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